Stock Features

The art of good Stock Control is to hold enough to meet your customer’s demand, while avoiding costly overstocking.

Protrak helps you achieve this balance, with the following features:

  • Multi-Warehouse Storage Locations with stock levels & reporting by location
  • Bin level stock control to help warehouse staff locate products
  • ‘Easy Search’ to quickly find an item without having to know the Part Number
  • Instant access to all aspects of stock management
    • View Stock Levels at all locations
    • Expected Deliveries due from Suppliers
    • Stock Allocated to customer orders
    • Back Order Control to ensure that stock is ordered from supplier
    • Stock Movements History with full audit trail
  • Intelligent Re-Ordering to ensure optimum stock levels
  • Different Sales & Purchase Units
  • Automated Stock Take Process to simplify physical stock checks
  • Bill Of Materials with Production Assemblies & Works Orders
  • Slow Moving & Obsolete Stock Management Reporting
  • Multi-Currency Costs and Pricing
  • Pieces Per Carton & Cartons Per Pallet
  • Cable Reel Management with Cutting Instructions per order
  • Control Shelf Life Products by Expiry Date
  • Serial Number Recording & Tracking
  • Batch Traceability
  • Bar Code Labelling & Scanning
  • FIFO Costs Control
  • Comprehensive Reporting