Warehouse Management

Bring Speed, Accuracy and Control to this essential area of your business

Unique Bin Location Numbers

  • To help warehouse staff locate products easily
  • Speed up Picking and Putting Away processes
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Inter Bin Transfers for Consolidation

Dedicated Shipment Control Screen

  • To ensure that All Orders are Picked and Dispatched on time
  • Amend Shipment Quantities

Carton & Pallet Control

  • Units, Size and Weight per Carton
  • Cartons Per Pallet
  • Volumetric Weight

Stock Rotation Management

  • System selects ‘Oldest First’ for Picking
  • Batch & P.O. Number Control

Barcode Labelling & Scanning

  • Fixed Point or Hand Held Scanning Devices supported
  • Improve Speed & Accuracy in all areas of warehouse management

Cable Reel Management

  • Unique Identification and control of each Reel
  • Cutting Instructions produced for each Order to minimise waste

Automated Stock Take Process

  • To simplify physical stock take exercise
  • Option to ‘Stock Check’ selected Bins to give ‘Rolling Stock Checks’

Transfers between Warehouse Sites

  • Inter warehouse transfers for replenishment with documentation for full audit control